Portrait of a Man

portrait of a man-width-1000The Portrait

In a world where only the wealthiest man had the price of a bride, Rourke of Calandor held no hope of knowing a wife’s gently touch, or having a helpmate of his own. A rebel against the established order, he would do anything to bring down the Patriarchy, even travel into the past to place where it had all started. Only by painting the likeness of a very special woman could he open the doorway between Blackfell and Philadelphia; only by concentrating his entire being on her could he safely pass through.

The Portal

Alexis Connor had been fascinated by the macabre all her life. As a kid, she’s loved horror stories and haunted houses; as an adult, she’d made a career of verifying the paranormal. But the image materializing before her in the charged darkness was no ghost. This was a man, heart-stoppingly real, powerful, dangerous. And the first thing he did was crush her into his arms and blow all her scientific cool with a kiss.

**Print copies of this book are available from book resellers such as Alibris.com**

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