Plundered for Pleasure

SubmissivePleasuresCover_001What kind of price would you have to pay, if you plundered two beautiful women at once? Would it be something simple like money, or would it be much more costly than that?

Find out in Plundered for Pleasure, first volume in the Submissive Pleasures medieval fantasy erotica series.

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Gabriel is one of seven elite agents who work for the Main du Ciel, or “Hand of Heaven,” a secret society that uses various means to achieve its objectives, which ultimately serve the greater good. Charged with protecting a medieval kingdom divided by the provincial boundaries between them, the agents are chosen both for their skills at solving problems as well as their sexual talents, and are used in a wide variety of ways.

Gabriel, a virile and masterful man with a great appreciation for women, is returning from one of the more difficult tasks he’s been given and chances upon two women kissing in a pool. He takes control of the situation and joins them, not suspecting the trouble he’s about to discover in the form of a slender female with a very wicked talent.

Submissive Pleasures — a trio of erotic medieval fantasy delights!

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