Seduced in Venice

Seduced in VeniceHardcore Hotels – a series of six hot, over-the-top contemporary erotic stories that would have your dearest great-gran rolling in her grave, if she knew you were reading them…

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Seduced in Venice…

Rachel Woodrow’s job requires her to travel a lot, to exotic places that many people have only dreamt about. She’s a strong, sexy, single woman who brings home a big paycheck but still hasn’t found the right man to rock her world. Loneliness isn’t an option and so, on her travels, she test-drives the men whom she fancies while still maintaining a few basic rules regarding passion and sex.

When her company sends her to Venice, Italy to chat up existing and potential clients, she resigns herself to a week of complete boredom–until she meets Antonio, a follower of Bacchus. Antonio brings her to a masquerade that’s anything but boring. In fact, she discovers that despite all of her experiences, she’s still a virgin of sorts, when Antonio introduces her to the ways of a wild Bacchanalian orgy where anything goes…

A ~10,000 word erotic romance for adults only, people, and preferably no virgins!

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