Seduced in Monte Carlo

Seduced in Monte CarloHardcore Hotels – a series of six hot, over-the-top contemporary erotic stories that would have your dearest great-gran rolling in her grave, if she knew you were reading them…

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Seduced in Monte Carlo…

Rachel Woodrow’s job requires her to travel a lot, to exotic places that many people have only dreamt about. She’s a strong, sexy, single woman who brings home a big paycheck but still hasn’t found the right man to rock her world. Loneliness isn’t an option and so, on her travels, she test-drives the men whom she fancies while still maintaining a few basic rules regarding passion and sex.

When her company sends her to Monte Carlo, Monaco, to work an exhibition booth during a conference, she finally has a chance to meet her online French teacher, Romain, in person. Romain shows her the sights on the French Riviera and brings her to a casino from some gambling. Only this isn’t an ordinary casino…it’s the Casino Sensuelle. And the gambling isn’t ordinary, either. Rachel quickly discovers she has several sexy games to win, and when Romain ups the stakes, she learns the true meaning of the term ‘all or nothing.’

A ~10,000 word erotic romance for adults only, people, and preferably no virgins!

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