The Billionaire’s Assistant Parts 1 – 5

bill box set 1-5 SQAUREThe Billionaire’s Assistant Parts 1 – 5: a box set of episodes in the long-running series that’s a little fantasy, a little contemporary, a little billionaire and hot as hades!

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Corey is a smart girl who just needs someone to give her a break. When she interviews with billionaire Lucas Hain, she discovers a virile, arrogant man who might be the most intriguing alpha male she’s ever met. She knows that this is the chance she’s been waiting for…and decides she’ll do whatever it takes to get the offer.

Lucas Hain is a playboy with money, looks, all the women he wants and the respect of his colleagues; but he hasn’t found the personal executive assistant he’s been looking for, despite a dozen interviews. He learns of Corey Hunter through a friend and agrees to meet with her. It only takes a single conversation with her to convince him that he’s finally found the right one.

But when Corey accepts the job offer and reports for her first day of work, she stumbles across Mr. Hain’s daily standup meeting and gets the hottest surprise of her life. Business-as-usual at Hain Enterprises, she realizes, is anything but…

The Billionaire’s Assistant Parts 1 – 5 is a ~70,000 word erotic romance intended for those who like wicked hot, scandalous and sometimes kinky stories that make you feel like you’re there, experiencing it yourself!

This box set is part of The New Dominators series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or in any order with other parts of the series.

This box set includes the following episodes:

  • The Billionaire’s New Assistant (The New Dominators #1)
  • The Billionaire’s Assistant On Top (The New Dominators #2)
  • A New Toy for the Billionaire’s Assistant (The New Dominators #3)
  • The Billionaire’s Assistant Tied Up at Work (The New Dominators #4)
  • The Billionaire’s Assistant: Breeding Protocol (The New Dominators #5)

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