The Bootleg Billionaire: Pleasure Bound

Bootleg Pleasure Bound Part 3The Bootleg Billionaire: Pleasure Bound — the third part in an erotic romance series about whiskey, stolen diamonds, buried treasure, uber-hot sex and a good girl who discovers that being good is a total bore.

Hannah Montgomery is a good girl who’s settled for lukewarm passion with her boyfriend, the town veterinarian. That is, until Matt MacFarland returns to town and stirs up her X-rated memories of their sexy nights together. Matt MacFarland is the kinky youngest brother in a family that earned a fortune through cattle ranching and selling moonshine during the prohibition years. Used to getting what he wants, he took Hannah’s virginity years before, and introduced her to forbidden pleasures that changed her forever. Now that he’s back in town, he’s determined to have much more than that from her.

In Pleasure Bound, Hannah realizes her life needs a change in direction, and she needs someone to shake her up. Her curiosity then leads her to discover some very hard truths and, when she seeks revenge for wrongs done to her, she finds that the kind of revenge Matt deals out is a tasty dish served red-hot.

The Bootleg Billionaire: Pleasure Bound is a ~16,000 word contemporary erotic romance for those who like their romances shaken, not stirred; with a healthy dash of hot kinks thrown in, to leave them burning for more!

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