The Pleasure Diaries: Griffin Lounge

scarlett104Scarlett tries to be good, but her lively, hot-headed behavior gets her into trouble when Tony takes her to The Standards Club, and later to his secret speakeasy, The Griffin Lounge. Once again, Tony disciplines her, but he’s gotten to the point where he can’t keep his hot hands off of her. This time, his discipline is more of a reward, and he brings her the pleasure she’s been dreaming of.

And yet, even as he caresses her body, she realizes that she’s lost her heart to the sexy gangster. She fears that she and Tony can’t possibly have a future together, and doesn’t realize that Tony has lost his heart, too, and is feverishly looking for a way to have her for his own, always.

The Pleasure Diaries: Griffin Lounge (Part 4) is a ~16,000 word erotic romance for those who prefer lush, compellingly erotic stories packed with suspense, sizzling sensuality, and a hot, masterful bad boy who knows exactly how to please the woman he loves.


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