The Pleasure Diaries: Wildly Naughty Cover Reveal

???????????????????????????????????????The Pleasure Diaries:  Wildly Naughty

Now that Tony has taken her into his confidence, Scarlett finally understands who he really is.  From day one, she has been wildly attracted to the drop-dead gorgeous gangster, and now she wants more than just a few nights with him–she wants to spend a lifetime at his side…and in his bed.

Tony loves Scarlett…no woman has ever brightened his days with the joy and passion as she has, nor satisfied his sexy desires as completely and deeply.  But he’s bound by honor and duty to satisfy familial expectations that don’t include her.  As a powerful enemy draws ever closer, Tony fights to keep Scarlett at his side even as circumstances insist he let her go, and accept the birthright that has shaped his entire life.

The Pleasure Diaries:  Wildly Naughty (Part 5) is a ~20,000 word erotic romance for those who prefer lush, compellingly erotic stories packed with suspense, sizzling sensuality, and a hot, masterful bad boy who knows exactly how to please the woman he loves.  Ebook on sale 08/16/2014 – $2.99

The Pleasure Diaries – The Series

The Pleasure Diaries is an erotic romance series that explores a no-holds-barred love affair between a feisty, hot-headed woman and the mysterious man who loves her but is bound by honor, duty, and the secrets of his past.  A hedonistic speakeasy in old Chicago, familial expectations, a powerful enemy, dark riddles, and scorching, unrestrained passion plunge the reader ever deeper into a fast-paced story filled with surprises.



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