Tracy’s Top Twenty Horror Novels

100108-october-jpg fiTracy’s Top Twenty Horror Novels
…I have ever read. And believe me, folks, I’ve read A LOT. Each story is a treasure, because it took me on a wonderful, scary journey and lifted me out of the ordinary, if only for a few days.

Here’s my list:

The Exorcist – William Blatty
A demon possesses a young girl. ‘Nuf said…we all know this one. Scared the pants off me in 6th grade.

Infected – Scott Sigler
Aliens are planning to invade the earth, and one poor guy goes through sheer Hell to stop them.

FireFly – Piers Anthony
It’s a whole new type of insect, and rev’s you up with a bit of sex pheromones before dissolving you into a puddle of goo.

Cell – Stephen King
This is one phone call you don’t want to receive.

The Shining – Stephen King
Great haunted house tale. Probably the best I’ve read.

The Stand – Stephen King
Apocalyptic vision of good vs. evil, all started by an Ebola-like virus.

The House Next Door – Anne River Siddons
Yes, the sweet storyteller Anne River Siddons, who likes to write about relationships and the Outer Banks, wrote one doozy of a haunted house tale.

Suffer the Children – John Saul
Read it in middle school and it scarred me forever. Read it again and again. I’m like that…a glutton for punishment.

Twilight Eyes – Dean Koontz
These eyes can see all sorts of stuff no one wants to see, including Goblins that feed on human fear and misery.

Strangers – Dean Koontz
Why are these strangers sharing all of these crazy dreams and experiences, and where are they getting these insane powers? Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, only 100x better.

Swan Song – Robert McCammon
An apocalyptic vision of the Earth gone bad, where people grow masks that turn their faces into a reflection of their inner selves. Watch out bad guys, now you look ugly, too.

Hell House – Richard Matheson
The original haunted house story. Old but danged good.

Communion – Whitely Strieber
Abducted by aliens, written under the guise of a “true” story. True or not, it’s scary as hell.

The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters
Sarah Waters, known for her dramas, ventures into the world of ghosts and haunted houses in a genteel, yet spine-chilling way.

The Witching Hour – Anne Rice
Lush and frightening, this story delves into the world of a family of witches haunted by an entity. The entity has a penchant for hopping into bed with its witches and satisfying their wildest fantasies. Yikes!

Zombie – Joyce Carol Oates
Ewww, gross! Yet so well done. Two serial killers trying to create zombies.

The Pilo Family Circus – Will Elliot
If you hate clowns and think they’re a nightmare, this is the story for you.

Hater – David Moody
Haters suck. These haters really suck bad. And no, they’re not vampires, they’re just mean, paranoid people.

Naomi’s Room – Jonathan Aycliffe
He seemed like such a wonderful husband, but he’s using Naomi’s room for something he shouldn’t be.

The Terror – Dan Simmons
Shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere, haunted by a series of very bad decisions, and soon to become the ice monster’s dinner. Bummer!

Triad – Mary Leader
Dreamy story of a woman who is slowly going insane.

So there it is. Twenty stories. No, twenty-one! If you haven’t read any of these, I suggest you pick the book up and give it a try. You won’t regret it! And…if you happen to know of any others, please comment, leave me another treasure, and send me on a new scary journey.

Check out  Stowaway, my own take on demonic possession on the high seas.

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