A Dash of Hot: Looking for Love


A Dash of Hot: Looking for Love

The first book in a foodie erotic series.

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Anna Murphy is a talented and ambitious sous-chef who cooks brilliantly but without passion. When she is turned down for an executive chef position because her meals are boring and by-the-numbers, she embarks upon a bawdy journey to discover passion in all of its erotic forms, with the hopes that her hot-blooded adventures will influence her cooking and bring it to new, exciting heights.

Handsome executive chef at the five-star restaurant La Meilleure Bouffe, Christian Craig has style and swagger. He prefers big, bad knives, can hurl pots and pans across the kitchen with lazy accuracy, drinks everything in sight and has sampled the female floor staff, bar customers and casual visitors alike. What Christian doesn’t have is someone to truly inspire him, and he is desperate to find new creativity within himself, before he is labeled an old dog who can’t learn any new tricks.

A Dash of Hot: Looking for Love (Part 1) is the first part in a passionate, sensual erotic romance series set in the foodie world. It is ~10,000 words.

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