A Dash of Hot: Sweet and Salty

Dash of Hot Sweet and Salty 12x18A Dash of Hot: Sweet and Salty

The second book in a foodie erotic series.

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How do you make it hot, fun, and tasty? 

A Dash of Hot: Sweet and Salty, Part 2 in the story about sous-chef Anna Murphy and her journey to discover passion in all of its erotic forms.

Anna Murphy is down on her luck.  She was passed over for a promotion to executive chef and now feels like she lives the life of a passionless loner. She and her best friend go shopping in an effort to cheer Anna up, and they stumble across an ancient cookbook and a set of spices prepared by an old Italian strega.

Anna steals the cookbook and spices, and then bakes cookies that put Spanish Fly to shame.  Christian Craig, a bad-boy executive chef who is desperate to find new creativity within himself, is the unwitting taste-tester of these aphrodisiac cookies, and he ends up acting upon some very hot chemistry between himself and Anna.

At the same time, Fate throws Anna in the path of a bum who is also down on his luck, and needs her in ways she never would have imagined.

A Dash of Hot: Sweet and Salty (Part 2) is the second part in a passionate, sensual erotic romance series set in the foodie world.  It is ~15,500 words.

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