Praise for Hard Charger:
“Fobes’ novel is a pleasingly diverse mix: a decorated soldier with a father void and a thing for the woman who affects him like no other; a resurrected town shackled by nasty Russians; and a secret society in need of a new recruit. The story moves quickly and has a couple of unexpected twists as well as a violent pair of goons with the gift of gab. Dubbed Ugly and Uglier by Jake, they effectively place him back in the battlefield.”  —Kirkus Review

“[Tracy Fobes] crafts a well-written, imaginative and quick-moving horror tale that’s plenty enjoyable. Demonic possession may be a tried-and-true horror staple, but by placing the maritime tale in the early 1800s, [Fobes] imbues the old theme with new life.” —Kirkus Reviews

Portait of a Bride:
“Fobes, with her mystical take on time travel, presents a refreshing futuristic romance.” —Booklist

My Enchanted Enemy:
“Fobes skillfully mixes science and magic to create a refreshingly original and superbly imaginative tale, and her writing is elegant and evocative as the romance between Juliana and Cole intensifies from sweet to deeply sensual.” —Booklist

To Tame a Wild Heart:
“Enchanting…Here is a love story that captures your heart, your soul, and your imagination, and has you believing in miracles. Tracy Fobes is like a fresh breeze for the genre and a bright spot in your evening’s reading.” —Romantic Times

Daughter of Destiny:
“A fast-paced drama.  Tracy Fobes’ refreshing voice, along with her unforgettable characters, allow us to suspend disbelief –she gives us the chance to truly believe in the magic of love.” —Romantic Times

Forbidden Garden:
“Exciting, inventive, spellbinding: Tracy Fobes once more ventures out of the ordinary in Forbidden Garden…A book to truly savor.” —Romantic Times

Heart of the Dove:
“Tracy Fobes brings a fresh and exciting approach to paranormal romance.  Her ingenious plots and engaging characters captivate readers and allow them to give their imaginations free rein.  Heart of the Dove is a compelling and mesmerizing look at witchcraft from a new angle.” —Romantic Times

Touch Not the Cat:
“A beastly but romantic new novel by Tracy Fobes! You won’t want to miss Touch Not The Cat – its splendid! Gifted and imaginative! Tracy Fobes is a wonderful storyteller! Good story, good writing, good reading!”  –-Literary Times

“Tracy Fobes’ debut is a stunning novel, beautifully blending the haunting magic of the Highlands with a sensual romance and a love that has the power to confront an ancient curse…  You’ll be lured into the magical and highly romantic world Tracy Fobes creates in this dazzling debut…She crafts memorable characters and a spellbinding paranormal romance that will appeal to readers seeking something very special.” —Romantic Times


To Tame a Wild Heart: A Romantic Times Top Pick for August 2001

RITA Finalist for Best Paranormal Romance, 2000

Daughter of Destiny: A Romantic Times Top Pick for September 2000

Forbidden Garden: A Romantic Times Top Pick for March 2000

Heart of the Dove: A Romantic Times Top Pick for September 1999

Winner of the Waldenbooks Award for Bestselling Debut Romance, 1998

Winner of the 1999 PRISM Award for Best Light Paranormal Romance


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