Using the pen name Georgina Sand, Tracy publishes erotic romance series as both individual episodes and $$-saving series box sets.

Hidden Heart Part 1 shadow

The Baxter Billionaires Series



The Pleasure Diaries Erotic Romance Series

The Pleasure Diaries is an erotic romance series that explores a no-holds-barred love affair between a feisty, hot-headed woman and the mysterious man who loves her but is bound by honor, duty, and the secrets of his past. A hedonistic speakeasy in old Chicago, familial expectations, a powerful enemy, dark riddles, and scorching, unrestrained passion plunge the reader ever deeper into a fast-paced story filled with surprises…


Bills New Asst

 The Billionaire’s Assistant Erotic Romance Series

The Billionaire’s Assistant/New Dominators series is comprised of individual erotic romance/bdsm erotica episodes about the story of billionaire Lucas Hain and his assistant Corey Hunter. They are intended for those who like wicked hot, scandalous and sometimes kinky stories that make you feel like you’re there, experiencing it yourself!


 Bootleg Reawakening

The Bootleg Billionaire Erotic Romance Series

When Hannah’s and Matt’s passion explodes once again, she realizes he has given her a taste for the unusual that only he can satisfy. But will the attraction between them be powerful enough to overcome the secret of the Rumrunner Mines and allow them to embrace true and everlasting love?



 The Hardcore Hotels Erotica Series

Rachel Woodrow’s job requires her to travel a lot, to exotic places that many people have only dreamt about. She’s a strong, sexy, single woman who brings home a big paycheck but still hasn’t found the right man to rock her world. Loneliness isn’t an option and so, on her travels, she test-drives the men whom she fancies while still maintaining a few rules regarding passion and sex…



The Submissive Pleasures Erotica Series

Submissive Pleasures — a trio of erotic medieval fantasy delights!


 bouffe LOOKING FOR LOVE 12X18

A Dash of Hot Erotic Romance Series

Anna Murphy is a talented and ambitious sous-chef who cooks brilliantly but without passion. When she is turned down for an executive chef position because her meals are boring and by-the-numbers, she embarks upon a bawdy journey to discover passion in all of its erotic forms, with the hopes that her hot-blooded adventures will influence her cooking and bring it to new, exciting heights…


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