The Submissive Pleasures Series

Submissive Pleasures — a trio of erotic medieval fantasy delights!

SubmissivePleasuresCover_001 SubmissivePleasuresCover_002 SubmissivePleasuresCover_Book3

Plundered for Pleasure

A virile and masterful man with a great appreciation for women, Gabriel is returning from one of the more difficult tasks he’s been given and chances upon two women kissing in a pool. He takes control of the situation and joins them, not suspecting the trouble he’s about to discover in the form of a slender female with a very wicked talent.

Bound for Pleasure
Raphael is given a simple task: sneak into the palace belonging to the King of Athos and steal the priceless jewels from the King’s only daughter so that they might be pawned for money, which would then be quietly redistributed to the townspeople. He does so at night, sneaking into Nymaane’s room and expecting a timid female who is frightened of her own shadow. What he finds instead is a high-spirited woman who fights back and nearly overtakes him. Taming her requires all of his considerable skills, but finally he manages it. Nymaane, who is being forced into marriage on the following day to a man she abhors, begs Raphael to take her with him when he leaves. He refuses, but Nymaane doesn’t take no for an answer.

Pleasuring a Princess
Once, in a land far away, lived an angry, selfish old king with one beautiful daughter. It was a land where all the kingdoms warred amongst each other, and the daughter grew up knowing only strife and distress rather than love. Now, the daughter was tall and slender, with a face the fairest in all the kingdoms; but her tongue didn’t match her beauty and she became known as having more thorns than the most prickly thistle plant. In desperation the King concocted a plan to marry his daughter, but the man he picked for her husband was anything but what he claimed to be, with eyes that could see straight through the princess’s defenses, into her soul.

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